Cuttlebone and Birds – 5 Reasons Why Cuttlebone is Good For Pet Birds

  Are you in the process of adding a new pet bird to your family? If so then you may have some questions about what is needed to make your pet bird happy and healthy. Knowing how to properly care for your pet bird will definitely make your new task easier.   Many pet bird owners have questions about the need to buy additional items like cuttlebones, ladders, or mirrors. They know that many treats like swings, ropes and extra perches are all welcome additions for birds. They are also pretty sure that they can provide these things for their bird and be rewarded with a happier pet.  

However, some owners are just not certain about purchasing a cuttlebone. Some may wonder if this avian treat is really a good idea. A cuttlebone is not only fun, but healthy and useful to pet birds of all sizes.   Here are 5 reasons why cuttlebone is good for pet birds.  

1.  A cuttlebone is an object of curiosity and interest. It is something to explore and try out. Your bird will enjoy being able to peck and sample this treat, and this feature alone helps them occupy their time.

2.  Cuttlebones are good sources of dietary calcium. And some species require more than others. Check with your vet about your bird, as you may need to provide other sources of calcium in addition to the cuttlebone.

3.  The pecking and grinding action that occurs with a cuttlebone will help your bird trim their beak. This is a natural way for them to keep their beaks healthy.

4.  Some of the modern cuttlebone treats are now made with an outer layer of minerals. Look for the ones that are a color other than the usual white. And since birds, like us, enjoy food that is visually stimulating a colorful cuttlebone is another way to stimulate your bird.

5.  Having this type of chewable treat will help your bird use and strengthen the muscles in its jaw.  The colorful outer layer contains healthy, nutritious minerals. Inside is the inner layer of calcium. Be sure to check with your vet if you decide on a cuttlebone with minerals to make sure your bird gets only the correct amount of minerals needed to keep it healthy.   

Cuttlebone is a healthy addition to the cage of pet birds, and although inexpensive, it serves many invaluable uses. It will definitely keep your bird happy, healthy and stimulated, which is a great recipe for a healthy pet bird.