Why Do Dogs Get Stuck Together When Breeding?

Nature is truly amazing! Nature has made a way to ensure that impregnation will occur in canine reproduction. If you have never seen mating dogs, you probably would worry that your beloved pet will be harmed because some of them would whine and appear to be hurt while staying stuck together end to end. Helping the dog by separating them could do more harm than good.

When canine copulates, the male dog would mount the female from behind. A cooperative and receptive female would move its tail to the side and allow the male to get a good hold. This is called flagging. The act of reproduction in canines is a lot different from humans. A dog’s penis is not erect when it enters the bitch’s vagina. Penetration is achieved because a small bone inside the penis called baculum holds the penis rigid.

Once penetration is achieved, the bulbus glandis, an erectile tissue situated at the base of the penis swells with blood and traps the penis inside the bitch’s vagina. This is called the mating tie. The male dog would usually swing the legs over the female’s back; turn around so that the rear ends of the dogs will be connected. Typically, the dogs would stay in this position from 5 to 30 minutes or even longer. The dogs will not the able to separate until ejaculation is finished and the bulbus glandis disengorges.

At the beginning of the mating tie, the male dog releases sperms and prostatic fluid. Getting stuck together while copulating is normal in dogs. This ensures that the semen will get inside the vagina and that the bitch will be impregnated. The mating tie prevents the semen from leaking. A female dog in heat will draw male dogs. This is due to the distinctive smell that seems to advertise the availability of the bitch. It would not be uncommon to see a female dog in heat surrounded by several male dogs. The mating tie ensures that the reproduction process will not be interrupted. It will prevent the female dog from being mated with other dogs.

The mating tie may distress the animals especially if one or both are mating for the first time. Never attempt to separate the dogs even if they seem to be hurt or distressed. Closely supervise the dogs instead to avoid any accident from happening. A bigger female that gets scared and panicky may hurt the male and vice versa. You may get on the floor to calm and settle the dogs until they are separated.