How to Groom Your Dog at Home?

Do you want your dog or puppy to look beautiful and want people to stare at you when you are out with your dog? You can do this without taking your pet to the parlor. Plus, you don’t need to wait for your appointments. This might sound difficult to do this at home but we are sure that after going through this article you will feel the confidence to groom your dog at home. Let’s now start discussing 7 tips for dog grooming one by one.

Brushing Hair

Whether your dog has long hair or short, brushing is very important at least once a day. This cleans out all the dirt particles from its skin and keeps its coat nourished. One thing you should keep in mind before brushing the coat of your dog is to use the appropriate brush if your dog has thick hairs. Rubber brush won’t help. Similarly, you cannot use a slick brush for curly hairs.

Brushing Teeth

It is getting common to get the teeth of dogs brushed only when you are taking it to the salon. Just like humans, their teeth should also be cleaned at least once a day as they have been using their mouth throughout the day. In this regard, you must ensure to use dog toothpaste specifically designed for dogs. For a comfortable experience, use a toothbrush that is designed for kids.

Bathing Body

Along with looking good, your dog should also smell good. If that is not the case with you, then you are not giving them a bath regularly. Generally, people think that brushing the coat with a comb is enough to keep the dog clean but ideally you should be doing both. While giving a bath to your puppy with cotton balls, make sure to use a shampoo specifically designed for dogs rather than using your personal one.

Trimming Nails

The nails of a dog tend to grow faster than your nails. The growth of dog nails may vary from breed to breed. We are sure that nobody likes to trim nails but it is essential for your puppy’s health. Larger nails of a dog can hurt anyone. Therefore, spare some time once a month to carry out this important activity. The best practice could be to trim the nails of your dog when you are sitting for your own nail trim.

Trimming Hairs

This is one of the easiest tasks in grooming your dog but this needs to be done safely. Clippers of a trimmer and scissors have sharp edges and can hurt your puppy. If this is getting trickier for you, better take your puppy to a salon.

Washing Face

Some dogs have wrinkles on their skin which forms skin folds where moisture can stay for a longer period. If this is neglected, it can cause infection and bacteria to your dog. So, try to wash the face of your dog more often, especially in hot days of summer.

Cleaning Ears & Eyes

Get a dog ear cleaner now if you don’t have one. The heavier ears need cleaning more frequently. As far as eyes are concerned, use a warm cloth to remove goops around the eyes of your dog and if you see his eyes going red, we would advise you to take him to the vet.

In short, we are sure this article has provided you the much needed knowledge about grooming a dog at home. While doing so, make sure you follow all the safety measures and if feel uncomfortable, better spend some bucks and take your puppy to the salon.