How to Train Your Dog to Listen to You

The phrase “how to train your dog” can have many endings to it. For instance, you may want to know “how to train your dog to listen when distracted” or “how to train your dog to listen off leash” or “how to train your dog to sit” or “how to train your dog to listen around other dogs.”

The list is endless.

So it’s important to be clear on what you want to train your dog to do. In this article, I’m going to show you how to train your dog to listen to you by teaching him 2 very basic commands.

These two commands lay part of the basic foundation for all other obedience training commands. The two commands are sit and come.

How to Train Your Dog to Sit

This is one of the easiest commands. The sit command is a necessity because puppies have almost no self-control. It’s a useful command for when the doorbell rings because your dog won’t jump on your guests.

Teach Sit Command

1. Sit on the floor in front of your puppy

2. Have his favorite treat in your hand and hold it close to his nose. The treat should be in your closed hand, and your hand shouldn’t be so high above his head that he starts to jump for it. Move your hand up slowly so that his head follows your hand and treat.

3. Because his head is moving up and backwards in the direction of the treat, his butt is going to hit the floor.

4. As soon as his bottom hits the floor, say “sit” then let the treat go in his mouth and immediately say, “good boy!”

5. Repeat this exercise several times a day, and make sure you pair his behavior with the word “sit.”

Make a game out it and try to have fun with it. But don’t do it so often that your dog gets tired of it.

How to Train Your Dog to Come

First, have your phrase or what’s called a “marker” in mind before your start. Also, have your dog’s favorite treats.

Next, tie a tether to your dog’s collar and let him walk around with it for a while. After he’s gotten used to it, pick up the end of it and walk with him around your yard. As he gets used to you holding the tether, he’ll start to think that the both of you are one.

Now, start walking backwards and encourage him to follow you with your marker word (it could be “yes”) while giving him a couple of treats.

When he comes and follows you, say “yes” and give him a treat. Then start pairing the behavior with the word “come.” Every time he comes, give him a treat and tell him what a good boy he his!

If he doesn’t respond, don’t say the command again. If your dog doesn’t come, simply go to him and gently guide him to the spot you want him.