Physical Activities For Dogs

Everyone wants their pets to be fit and healthy. As wonderful as dogs can be, they are famous for missing the point. Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. There are many games and exercises that can contribute to the fitness of your pets. These activities will not only make them fit, but will also bring an excitement in both of yours lives.

Walk With The Dog – Instead of walking your dog, have your dog walk you. Go wherever your dog goes. It can be great exercise for you as well. You can also go for runs, which can increase your as well as the dog’s stamina.

Tracking Clues – Not all dogs are tracking breeds, but just about any dog can participate in the sport of tracking, a competitive event for dogs and handlers. A scent trail is laid out hours before competition. Numerous clues are left for the dog to follow through and something as a reward is placed at the end of the trails.

Playing With Other Dogs – The best form of activity is the one where dogs can naturally move their body. Playing with fellow dogs can be one of them. They’ll not only exercise but also enjoy the time.

Teaching Fun Behaviours – Mental exercises are always the best. You can teach your dog exercises like high-fiving or bowing or command by hand. After obedience commands have been taught, cognitive challenges tend to drop off.

Dancing With Your Dog – A dance routine can really cheer you and your dog up. This can energize you and your dog as you both dance away to your favourite tunes.

Indoor Agility – You can set up a makeshift agility course in your house with things like chairs and broom poles (jumps), a mat (for a makeshift pause table), cones or boxes (weave poles), and blankets over the space between the couch and the coffee table (tunnel). Or you can buy an indoor agility set. Either way, it is very useful.

Hide and seek – You can have great fun playing hide and seek with your dog. Put your dog in stay until you can hide and then call him to find you. It can also enhance the dog’s mental abilities.

Stairs – One of the most effective exercise for your dog indoors. Make it go up and down the stairs to burn those extra calories.