Simple Training Tips For Dog Owners

Here are some tips to get you started training your dog:

Sit. This is the likely the first command most trainers and owners begin with. Make your dog stand in front of you. Apply gentle pressure on his hind saying sit. Try this a few times to get him familiar to the word sit. Treat him each time he does this correctly. He will learn this command very quickly.

Stay. In a firm voice ask your dog to stay in the spot he is. Initially you will have to show this to him by physically keeping him down. Once he has learned the command, you’ll be able to train him to “remain” even in a lot of distraction. Remember to reinforce this command by treating him.

Come. Here again use your firm voice. You can also whistle or make a sound that he will can associate with the command. Normally gesturing works best to teach a dog to come. Do not use the “come” command when you are aggravated at your pet. It will cause him to think of the word with your disapproval.

Go. Gesturing again can make the dog learn this command. You may also place him on a leash and make him go from one place to another while repeating the command. Use of treats is effective here.

No. it is important that your dog understand the word no as early as possible. Say “no” in your most firm voice at any time he does anything he is not meant to. Reprimand him with it each time he poops or pees in the house. He should relate this command with unacceptable things. Yelling at the dog will not teach him anything. It will just confuse him. He may get frightened and begin dreading training sessions with you. Use positive methods of praising in addition to treating.

Remember, behavior training cannot be taught in hourly trainings or so. Apply the commands as often as possible with the dog to acquaint him with them. If he is struggles to grasp a certain command, you could attempt another method. Make training sessions fun with him. Dogs are bundles of delight. You’ll quickly notice that it is very tough to be mad with a dog who is desperately attempting to please you.