The Dog Always Thinks I’m Talking to Him!

I have two dogs, “Snappy” and “Epo.” They are both great dogs but they also have very different personalities. That is what makes them unique.

“Epo” is very kicked back, takes everything in stride. Her idea of hanging out with me is usually laying right at my feet. Sleeping while I am working on the computer or doing interviews. 99% of the time, nobody even knows she is in the same room with me while we are talking on Zoom or any other platform.

My dog, “Snappy” is the complete opposite. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great dog, too! But, sometimes, he’s a pain – but he doesn’t mean to be. He’s really a very attentive dog. Sometimes, too much so!

I usually have to shut the door to my office when I am conducting an interview on my podcast or meeting with a podcast training client. I need to keep him out of my office at those times.


He could be laying on the floor or in the other chair, calm and just chilling.

But as soon as I start speaking with someone on the computer (through Zoom or Skype), he thinks I’m talking to him! Even though I’m looking at the computer, he believes I’m trying to communicate something to him.

He then comes over, scratches at my leg to say, “I’m right here.”

When I ignore him, but continue speaking for the interview or to my client, he starts to bark! He’s trying to tell me, “I’m right here! What do you want?”

If I continue to ignore him, he will then jump up on my lap! This totally interrupts the conversation and I have to stop and put him out of the office. He refuses to lay back down because he believes I’m talking to him! Amen!

He’s trying to tell me, “I’m right here! I’m listening! What would you like me to do?”

Epo, on the other hand, is just ignoring everything unless I speak directly to her. If I call her name, she looks up and will come over.

Can you see “us” in that example? Our relationship to God is just as simple as this example of the two personalities of my dogs!

Some people go through life, ignoring everything around them unless God specifically does something to get their attention. Something that affects them directly.

They may go to church, read their Bible, pray every now and then. But, for the most part, they are in their own little world and unless something speaks directly to them, God is “over there” and “I’m over here.”

These folks are in the same room as God (so to speak), but just content with living life on their own terms. They let God call out to them before they react.

Other people are so tuned into God that as soon as something is said, whether it applies to them or not, they want to jump into action immediately! They want to please God in everything they do – whether it deals directly with their callings or somebody else’s calling, they want to be involved.

We need to help others, don’t get me wrong. But we also need to let them DO their calling without us trying to interject ourselves into the conversation. It is THEIR calling, not ours. It is our responsibility to offer help – when asked!

Just like my pups! One wants to interject his opinion in everything – even when his opinion is not asked for. What happens? He gets shut out of the room. No access.

The other pup is there. Silently listening, doing her own thing. If I need her, I call her. She responds immediately and is willing to interact as needed.

This applies to your podcast as well.

You may be the expert in what you do and you are able to help others do this “thing” as well.

But, do you offer your advice as “gospel truth?” Or do you offer it as an option for others to consider?

Does God need to put you in “time out” just so He can complete a work He is doing in someone else? All because you feel it is your “Christian duty” to offer your opinion (whether it is needed or not)?

Or do you allow yourself to be “available” if someone does need your help? Someone may be doing something that you are an expert at. That does not mean you interject yourself into the situation. You can let it be known you are available if needed. Allow them to make the first request for assistance. Then, offer your advice on the issue at hand. Do not try to take over their podcast.

This is especially true if you a guest on their podcast!

Make yourself available. Give information as asked and don’t think you know all of the answers to every problem someone discusses. If you do, you will find yourself like my dog “Snappy.” On the outside and not able to participate anymore with this person and what they are trying to accomplish.

Be more like “Epo!” Be there. Be available. When needed, they will call you! Amen!

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