What Is Vaccinosis?

For years the standard approach to fighting parasites, disease and virus in pets has been regular and multiple vaccinations. This preventive method has been curing the disease it is meant to cure, such as feline distemper, but through frequent and massive doses of the disease other degenerative conditions and new illnesses have developed that have made many in the pet care industry take notice. Now the chronic disease known as vaccinosis has become a hot topic among veterinarians concerned with reducing the amount of vaccines administered to dogs, cats and horses in the hopes of preventing further cases of ailments resulting from having harmful diseases placed directly in the bloodstream of pets. 

Animal immune systems, like humans, evolve over time to recognize infections, viruses and bacteria and learn how to fight future attacks be building up resistance. Everyone has to suffer a cold in order to avoid the same bacterial strand in the future and animals are no different. However when you consider a human is vaccinated once for a disease such as H1N1 and a dog is vaccinated annually and with multiple shots for heart worms something seems odd about the practice. Today holistic veterinarians are asking important questions about the pet immunization process and if a rush to pharmaceutical solutions is always the best option.

Noted doctor Richard Moskowitcz put it rather succinctly in his well-documented article “The Case Against Immunization” when he said that by using vaccinations doctors and vets have bypassed key stages of disease prevention and have “accomplished what the entire immune system seems to have evolved in order to prevent: we have placed the virus directly into the blood, and given it free and immediate access to the major immune organs and tissues, without any obvious way of getting rid of it.” Unfortunately pet owners are doing the very same thing only frequently and with multiple injections to their dogs and cats. 

In addition to the degenerative immune system condition of vaccinosis veterinarians are also noticing more forms of cancer and leukemia in cats and dogs that undergo repeat vaccinations and the sudden development of tumors have led many holistic veterinarians wonder if these constant injections aren’t in some way to blame for the pet’s sudden demise. Knowing more about the options available for providing natural and holistic pet care can make a big difference in the health of your pet.