What You Don’t Know About Panoramis (Trifexis)?

Numerous products have come in the pet care health care industry for preventing and treating various types of diseases. Recently, one such flea and tick control product has been launched in the market, which is popularly known as Trifexis in the US and Panoramis in Australia. It is a chewable tab that kills external parasites, prevents heartworms and treats intestinal worms including roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms in dogs and puppies. It is highly effective in protecting pets from various harmful parasite-infested diseases.

This palatable tab comes with triple power to prevent three different parasites – fleas, heartworms and intestinal worms. The beef-flavored chew with fast action property starts killing fleas within 30 minutes of administration and protects pets from itching and irritation. The overall action controls flea infestation for full month, preventing re-infestation and flea allergy dermatitis.

Panoramis is available in 5 different sizes. Treat your pet every month according to his weight.

Dogs between 5 and 10lbs are given one 140 mg tablet from the pink box each month.

Dogs between 10.1 and 20lbs are given one 270 mg tablet from the orange box each month.

Dogs between 20.1 and 40lbs are given one 560 mg tablet from the green box each month.

Dogs between 40.1 and 60lbs are given one 810 mg tablet from the blue box each month.

Dogs between 60.1 and 120lbs are given one 1620 mg tablet from the brown box each month.

Major Benefits of Panoramis (Trifexis)

It is an efficient multi-spectrum treatment for dogs.

The flavored chew controls and prevents flea infestation.

The oral product protects dogs from flea allergy dermatitis.

This powerful tablet prevents heartworm disease apart from treating adult hookworm, roundworm and whipworm in dogs.

The beef-flavored chew is easy to administer.

This oral treatment is ideal for dogs that swim or are washed frequently.

Important tip about dosage:

Vets recommend administering this tab on a full stomach to your pet in order to avoid issues of gastrointestinal irritation that arises due to this product.

Warning about Panoramis:

Especially developed for dogs, this oral treatment should not be used on cats. The use of this product in breeding, lactating or pregnant dogs is not recommended. Puppies are very delicate, and therefore this product should not to be used in puppies under 8 weeks of age. Canines suffering from epilepsy should not be treated with this chew. When it comes for starting the treatment in dogs with unknown heartworm status, you need to consult a vet for knowing whether it is safe to treat or can your dog be treated with this chew when he is already on some other heartworm treatment. Also, it is crucial to talk to your vet if your pet is being treated concurrently for demodectic or sarcoptic mange.

Possible Side Effects

Side effects in dogs are rare and mild. Possibly most common and rare side effects may be vomiting, itchy skin, decreased appetite, diarrhea and lethargy. These reactions are usually short-lived and decrease with repeated dosing. Moreover, pet parents need to be careful when treating puppies under the age of 14 years as they can face increased rate of vomiting.

Every pet parent should be well-acquainted with the usage and details of this product before starting the treatment on their pet.