7 Tips for Dog Care in Winter

Just like we take special care of ourselves, or skin and hair during winter, our canine friends need appropriate care too. Have a look at the 7 dog care tips for winter. Show him his comfort and safety are important to you.

1. Groom with care – Keep the insulating coat. Do not shave your dog down to skin in winter. His hairy coat acts like an insulation to cold and keeps him warm. Protect his skin from becoming too dry and being flea free.

2. Beware of Ice and snow – Ice and snow can make him lose his scent. So never let your dog wander into the snow lest he loose his way back.

3. Paw care – After you come back from a walking with your pet, clean its paws. They stand the chance of getting infected due to chemicals like antifreeze. Rock salt used to melt ice can scratch their paws.

4. Anti freeze is dangerous – Anti freeze can cause poisoning and irreparable kidney damage. It is sometimes fatal. Keep an eye on spills or better yet use animal friendly brands.

5. Check dog house – Keep your pet indoors if temperature drops very low else make sure your dog house is safe and warm for the night. Make it wind draft proof and water proof too. Provide blankets and bed especially with tile floors which can get really cold.

6. Water is a must – Keep giving your pets water during winter months to keep them from dehydration. Snow does not mean water is not need. They are just like us this way! They need water to burn calories.

7. Games at home – Device small games to keep him occupied indoors when weather do not permit you long walks. It is safe and will keep him from escaping outdoors to a cold world with lot of infections to catch.

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