Benefits of Camping With a Pet Dog

It would be nice to go leave the busy city life every once in a while and go on a camping trip, to breathe in fresh air, enjoy nature’s surroundings and go back to the basics.

When campers take their dog along on the trip, they will be able to loosen up and enjoy each other’s company with no distractions, making it a fun way to make their bond stronger.

In case they happen to find themselves in the middle of nowhere as they head out with their tent to camp out underneath the stars, at least they will have peace of mind knowing that their dog is tucked up beside them.

Actually, there are health benefits that are given by camping with a pet dog.

Fresh, natural air increases serotonin levels.

Spending some time outdoors like near the seaside or trees lets the body breathe in more oxygen, giving a camper and his pet a big break from the pollution and other chemicals experienced daily in the city. Also, this makes the camper feel happy since this releases serotonin inside the brain.

The serotonin hormone has an effect on different things in our body, including a person’s mood, behavior, digestion and sleep, to name a few.

Sunshine boosts melatonin

When people are camping out in a place that is warm and sunny, they can benefit from the abundance of sunshine received. It helps even out the body’s melatonin. This chemical affects the mood and sleeping patterns in a positive way when people have the right levels. Melatonin can also restore the dog’s body rhythms, reproductive cycles and sleep patterns plus it can be given to help dogs that suffer from anxiety and phobias.

Reduce stress in a person and his dog

Camping is an effective way to de-stress humans and dogs. During camping trips, people can turn off their phone and other gadgets to relax, exercise, explore, read a book and do all sorts of things that they don’t have time for when attending to their daily routine. Stress has a negative effect on the minds and bodies. Being more relaxed with their dogs will make their furry friends more relaxed as well.

More exercise

When they bring along their dog on a camping trip, the more exercise they get since their pet will motivate them to get up and about, whether they are making fire to roast marshmallows or heading out to explore the sights with their best friend. Camping involves more exercises outdoors than spending the day in an office so it will benefit a camper and his dog alike.

Sleep well

Since the camping site is located outdoors, where there is fresh air and trees or water, campers can definitely get a good night sleep with all the relaxation experienced. It can make anyone fall into a deep slumber, which incidentally also offers a load of health benefits.

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