Doberman Pinscher Care and Feeding Tips for a Wonderful Pet

Learn the Tips for Feeding and Caring for Your Pet Doberman Pinscher

Your Doberman Pinscher is going to be a loving and protective dog for your family with the right training and care provided. However, they are smart and bold which was bred to be a dominant companion and can quickly become assertive if given the right circumstance.

The first thing you need to do is establish that you and members of your family are the pack leaders. Once they learn this you will have a fairly easy time of training them. Dobes learn quickly and often have a mind of their own so keep a tight rein while training. They are a people dog and like to please their humans once they learn their place in the pack.

Do your pet Doberman a big favor and try to find a veterinarian that practices holistic medicine. Use as many natural products for your pet as possible. He will be able to advise you on the best ones to keep your pet happy and healthy. Natural products can be found for most cures and remedies as well as ever day uses so try to find as many as possible.

An important step in keeping your pet Doberman Pinscher healthy and protected is to vaccinate against your standard diseases and illnesses. Once your puppy has had its standard shots, you then will receive a yearly booster that will help to maintain their immunity against certain diseases. You will also want to deworm your puppy. The worms are not something to worry too much about as most puppies have them when first born.

Flea and tick protection is a big part of your pet Dobie’s life so check with your vet to find a good natural med that will keep them free of these pests. Your pet will likely be indoors some of the time so you need to make sure to keep fleas under control in the house as well.

The next step is to make sure that you consider cropping your pets ears and tail. Usually this is done as a puppy and is is done to keep your dog looking like your standard Doberman. You will want to discuss this with your vet first before making any decision.

Dobermans are not tolerant of cold weather and you will have to have them in the house quite a bit of the time if you live in a cold climate. Before you decide to get one you must take this into account as they can become quite large as they mature. The do happen to be more tolerant of small spaces than most dogs their size though.

As always, you want to make sure that you keep your Doberman healthy with a healthy selection of food. The best food choice is to keep it to all natural ingredients as most of your typical dog foods contain preservatives and chemicals that are not healthy for your pet. If you can prepare your pet’s food this is the best way to go as you know exactly what it is eating and how it’s prepared. Feeding your pet raw food is the best path to follow in making sure they are getting the best in nutrition.

You should only bathe your dog occasionally as they need to keep as much oil in their coat as possible. The best solution is to keep a cloth reserved for your Doberman to wipe him or her down with. You will not have to brush your dog as the Doberman sheds very little and therefore will not require a large amount of maintenance to care for its coat. The occasional cleaning and bath should take of the grooming required.

You want to make sure that you keep your dog social. You want to introduce it to other animals and dogs from about 12 weeks of age and therefore preventing any trouble that it may develop with socialization down the road. Try to keep your dog as a protector without making it overprotective.

Lastly, you want to keep a firm hand on your pet Dobe and provide a consistent lifestyle for it. Start their training as soon as possible and keep it going so it knows where it stands in the family. At the same time you are training your pet you should also train your family and friends. With everyone learning at the same time will keep your pet well-mannered and socially acceptable at all times no matter whose company they might find themselves in.

When you train your pet correctly you’ll find that people will be surprised at how friendly and laid back it is. People will often comment that they thought Dobermans were supposed to be mean rather than the friendly family pet they are interacting with. Follow these tips for the care and feeding of your pet for a lifetime of happiness and companionship.

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