Dog Groomer : How To Increase Your Revenues With Pet Grooming Supplies!

It is a fact, dog groomers need to buy high quality products to use in their dog grooming business. Just like hair dresses buy high quality shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays and such, a dog groomer need to buy high quality dog shampoos to make sure their clients are happy with the results.

Did you ever think about creating a second income stream from those products you already buy anyway? Think about it : each time you go to your hair dresser, there is a nice showcase of expensive hair products on sale. Why? Because they know that if you like the effect the products had on your hair when you had them done there, you might be interested in taking some products home with you to continue to take good care of your hair.

Now, why not do the same in your grooming salon?

Ok, giving a dog a bath is not something you want the owners to do very often, because you want them to come back to you to do it. But that does not mean you can’t sell them some products!

The trick is to sell them products from the same high quality company, and make a profit from those sales. For example, the company I work with sells high quality dog shampoos, but they also sell a deodorizer, and breath control products made especially for pets. This could be a great line to use : you tell the owner you use the company shampoo, and you tell them they can take some home, or take some other hygiene products with them.

The result? Instead of making money on the grooming itself alone, you can now be making money from the sale of high quality health products your clients will enjoy!

It gets even better : if you take the time to select a high quality product line, you can be sure many clients will buy again and again, so with a single client, you could be making more money each and every month.

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