Fortekor – Taking Care of Your Pets

If you take a look at the history of man, you’d see that at all points, man has had the company of an animal, sometimes for protection, sometimes transport or at times day to day tasks. Today, we find them as pets which could be a dog, cat, fish, birds and sometimes even a mouse. Pet care is something that follows naturally when you start rearing a pet and it is in fact very important that you take proper care of your pet animals, especially if they are sick. Fortekor is a medicine that you offer to a cat or a dog for kidney or heart disease. In fact, often they are used for different purposes for cats and dogs.

Fortekor is a medicine that comes in tablet form and has benazeapril as its main ingredient. You get them only with a prescription from a veterinarian. In the case of dogs sometimes they face the condition known as congestive heart failure, which happens when their kidneys reabsorb more than necessary fluids into the blood stream. You might diagnose this condition if the dog shows symptoms like excessive panting, breathlessness, weight loss, inability to exert physically, pale gums, etc. Fortekor can help the pet here by preventing the kidneys from reabsorbing the fluids.

However, when it comes to cats, this medicine is used in the case of kidney disease called chronic renal insufficiency. In such a condition, the cats usually show symptoms like excessive urinating, urinary tract infections, lethargy, bad breath, vomiting, dehydration, etc. Fortekor improves the functioning of the kidneys by lowering the blood pressure and reducing the sodium and water retention by the kidneys.

Fortekor can extend the life span of animals and improve their quality of life. It reduces some of the symptoms like breathlessness and coughing and increases appetite. However, you cannot give this medicine to your pet just on your own. It requires expert advice and hence a prescription from the vet, preferably one who knows the medical history of your pet. As with any other medicine, Fortekor also comes with side effects, especially if the pet already has high blood pressure or some other medical issues.

Once you get the advice from the doctor you could get the medicine online or offline. Today there are several online medical stores that provide medicines for pets, some of them exclusively for pets. You have to ensure that you are getting the medicine from an authorised dealer and that it has not passed the expiry period. You also need to make sure that the pet is given Fortekor in the right dosage and at right time. If more than one member of a house is taking care of the medication of the pets, make certain that the other person is aware that you have fed the dog with the tablet.

If you have a pet at home, that is only because you love to have them and take care of them. Treatment and care for these pets are as important as treatment for human beings and in a way it becomes more important since pets cannot tell you how they feel.

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