From Rooster To Dog With Feng Shui Tips

Both the Rooster and the Dog are domestic animals, yet very different in scope and traits. In the pecking order of domestic fowl, the Rooster dominates, lives outdoors, and announces daily that “the early bird catches the worm.” We’ve had a year of living by the Rooster’s motto and should now use what’s left of his bird energy to bring the year to a satisfying closure.

In feng shui practices that would mean tossing out what’s no longer meaningful or useful and clearing the deck for the Earth Dog to enter our sphere. The Rooster dominates as the natural leader of his flock. In contrast, the dog is a pack animal and could be either the alpha dog or the subservient underdog.

Ending the year of the Rooster could mean an extra dose of decision making on what it takes to bring a cycle to completion. In preparation let’s peck away at the excessive debris that’s cluttering our life and clear more space for new and exciting ventures.

In contrast to the outdoor nature of the Rooster, the Dog is an indoor animal, and as an Earth Dog his focus is even more on domestic matters and indoor activities. Let’s provide him with a clean slate and benefit from his peace-loving nature.

Feng Shui tips for a propitious farewell to the Rooster:

• Start in the early am

• Set up a check list

• Set a timer for 30 minutes

• Work in increments

• Clean out a desk drawer

• Clear bath and medicine cabinets

• Check expiration dates and toss expired meds

• Clear the pantry and toss expired products

• Review computer desk tops and delete unneeded folders

• Check email folders and create order

• Clear browsing history

• Delete cookies on the computer

• Scrutinize closets and donate unwanted stuff

• Clean out file drawers

• Shred old documents

• Clean windows for a clear view into the future

• Burn candles to give the Fire Rooster a flaming farewell

Once you have cleared and cleaned your home or business space, you’ll be ready to usher in the Earth Dog and let him help you create a nurturing and peaceful ambiance. Since the forecasts for 2018 indicate quarrelsome incidents, we need to be aware of and prepared to step away from confrontations and hide in the blissfully quiet and comfortable sanctuary of our home environment. From the Earth Dog we can benefit by emulating desirable traits like loyalty and unconditional love.

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