How to Treat and Prevent a Bladder Infection in a Boxer Dog

When it comes to treating a bladder infection in boxer dog, people have a lot of doubts. They wonder if it should be treated with antibiotic drugs or natural remedies. They do not know if dietary modifications are necessary. If you have these doubts as well, make sure you read this article fully to know what you need to do to treat and prevent bladder infection, or any other urinary problem for that matter, in boxer dogs.

Treating with prescription drugs

Vets usually prescribe antibiotics to treat a boxer dog with bladder problem. There are, however, three major problems with prescription drugs.

1. While they treat the cause of the infection, such as bacteria, they do not prevent the underlying problem that allowed the bacteria to take hold in your dog’s urinary tract. There is always a risk of recurring infections. Said another way, it is a short term solution that should be accompanied by other changes designed to prevent infection.

2. They can cause a lot of side effects. Be sure to strictly follow the instructions of your veterinarian.

3. In some cases, the bacteria that cause urinary bladder infection in boxer dog could be resistant to antibiotic drugs. In such cases, you will not see any improvement in your dog’s condition despite giving antibiotics. The only solution is to increase the dose or give stronger drugs. In both cases, the risk of side effects cannot be ruled out.

All of these risks aside, it is the specific treatment of choice for a canine urinary tract infection. The condition needs to be treated to avoid the onset of problems such as canine bladder stones.

Supporting a Dog with Natural Remedies

Natural remedies are what is known as a supportive treatment, not a specific treatment. What this means, is that they work by helping to improve the overall health status of your dog. They seek to improve the ability of the dog’s immune system to ward off infection, reduce the impact of any symptoms, and restore the health of the urinary tract – including the required PH of the urine itself – the a dog’s main defense against the colonization of bacteria.

Herbs like berberis vulg, uva ursi, cantharis, and staphysagris are very effective at supporting a dog with urinary problems like bacterial infections and bladder stones. So, giving a small dose of these herbal remedies every day can be the best way to improve your dog’s urogenital health and prevent urinary problems.

The need for dietary modifications

Diets that specifically target the urinary health are usually directed at preventing stone formation and improving overall urinary health. The first step is to make sure that your dog drinks adequate amounts of water in order to dilute the urine. This is usually accomplished by providing a wet or canned dog food, or wetting dry food before you give it to your dog. You can also buy a food with increased salt content (3.2g/1000). This level of salt has not been shown to raise the blood pressure of dogs like is seen in humans.

Beyond water intake, some dogs require some level of protein restriction (not usually Boxers), although, they then need supplement such as Taurine and Lcarnitine.

The Bottom Line

A boxer dog with bladder problem needs to be given healthy food, plenty of clean water, and a regular dose of natural remedies. The combination of a well balanced diet and natural remedies can not only treat your dog’s urinary problems, but can also improve its overall health in the long run. So, follow the tips mentioned in the article and take good care of your dog.