Premier Dog Walking Services

Too Busy to Walk The Dog?

Are you out during the day and worried that your dog is left on its own? Would you like a pet sitter you can trust to look after your dog when you go away on holiday? Do you have a new puppy that can’t be left on its own or an elderly dog that needs his medication? Do you want your dog to get more exercise and integrate with other dogs? Whatever the reason, premier dog walking services are there to help owner and dog.

Why Dog Walking Services?

It is very important that dogs receive mental and physical stimulation to keep them happy and stop behavioural problems developing. Dogs left on their own all day can experience boredom and isolation, resulting in a number of different behavioral issues (such as excessive barking, chewing or digging). Dogs are pack animals and need social interaction. They love meeting other dogs in the park and will run, play and socialise with them whilst getting great exercise.

Premier Dog Walking Services

Premier dog walking services offer a range of pet services to make your life happy and stress free.

They include:

  • Dog walking
  • Dog boarding
  • dog day care
  • pet feeding
  • pet taxi services

This service helps you reduce the stress, guilt and anxiety associated with time away from your pet. This is achieved by professional pet carers providing your pet with mental and physical stimulation to make it a happy and stress free animal.

Ensure your dog walker is professional and fully experienced in walking dogs in packs. A maximum of 5 dogs should be taken per walk and dogs should be fitted into the relevant pack depending on age and fitness. This ensures that full control is maintained at all times.

Your dog will be picked up and dropped off from your home. Your dog will receive a full hour walk and can be fed, watered and cleaned on return. You will come home to find a tired, happy and content dog.

Premier dog walking services are flexible and try to fit in with their customer’s different requirements. The dog walking service can be booked in on a regular basis or when required.

Premier dog walking services should offer the following:

  • Fully insured and registered with NARP, (The National Association of Registered Pet Sitters).
  • All staff have had CRB checks and have years of animal experience.
  • Fit in with yours dogs routine and are as flexible as possible to your needs.
  • Provide a free one hour preliminary meeting.