The Akita Shepherd Dog

A Complete Guide to the Akita Shepherd

In this article we will provide lots of interesting facts about the very popular Akita Shepherd dog.

  • This type of dog is actually not a pure breed but a mix between the Akita and German Shepherd.
  • During the Second World War and just after many breeders in America noticed that there was serious shortage of Akitas owned and living in the US. However, many expert breeders considered that the pure breed were prone to aggressive behavior so they mixed the breed with the German Shepherd.
  • The mixed breed are excellent Watch Dogs and are also considered good family pets.
  • The mixed breed is also less likely to suffer from health problems – in fact they are one of the best breeds to own if you are looking for cheap vet bills. The only health problem that they can be more prone to is Hip Dysplasia.
  • This breed are not the best to own if you are prone to allergies as they are prone to excessive shedding.
  • The hybrid look very similar to pure breeds i.e. they both have a heavy thick coat.
  • Breeders do not recommend a pure bred Akita Inu around children as they can be prone to aggressive behavior especially if pushed and poked.
  • The average price of an Akita Shepherd can vary but expect to pay anywhere from two hundred and fifty dollars up to one thousand dollars.
  • The mixed breed is also referred to as a Skepkita
  • The hybrid are very intelligent and can weigh anywhere from sixty up to one hundred pounds.

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