The Life Of A Puppy Mill Puggle And A Puggle Born In A Loving Home

Many people think that it doesn’t matter where a puppy comes from, but this could not be farther from the truth. Unfortunately, because people think that if they are not looking for a dog to show or dependable working dogs, that it is not important where the puppy lived before it got to their home. They just think that what counts is how they will be treated in their home. Sadly, when you choose to ignore where the puppy or dog came from, you could be very disappointed when the dog does not warm up to you or is terrified of a member of your family because they were scared of particular people in the dog farm or puppy mill that they came from.

The Life of a Puppy Mill Puggle

A dog’s experience in his first few weeks of life is crucial to a dog’s development. Puppy’s that are born in a dog farm live in cages, rather than with human companionship. They miss out on the essential companionship they need to develop an emotional connection with people.

Sadly, one of the experiences they miss out on is that they have to leave their mother and brothers or sisters way too early, so they can be marketed for sale during their “adorable” stage of life.

There are number of behavior problems your puggle may have if born in this type of setting, one of which is house training. Why is this? Puggles born in cages live around feces and urine. They lose their natural instincts to keep their areas clean. In fact, many of these dogs have never even seen grass. They just are not conditioned to go to the bathroom anywhere but their cages. House training feels almost impossible! It will take a lot of extra work to finally get the dog to go outside and do his business.

Another behavior problem your dog may end of taking on is biting. Because your puggle has been shipped off too soon for marketing purposes, he misses out on the opportunity to learn bite inhibition from his mother. This must happen with his mother and littermates.

A puggle that is born in a dog farm only knows life from the cage. He has not been around situations that every day life will encounter. Therefore, these dogs will have a hard time handling normal family situations, such as men, kids, cats and any other situations that happen inside of a home. This leads to behavior problems and many times these puggles end up in rescue organizations as families are just not able to break the fear these puppies or dogs are experiencing.

The Life of a Puggle Born in a Loving Home Environment

A puggle born into a loving home will benefit from the companionship of its mother and a loving family. They will be allowed to stay with their mother for the amount of time necessary to nurse and learn behaviors from its mother. This puppy will be trained to go outside, and will be much easier to house train.

The most important benefit that a puppy can receive from a loving family is the ability to handle the unexpected. These situations include children grabbing at them, cats hissing at them, sibling rivalry, parents or children yelling at each other and any other thing that is “normal” in a family’s surroundings that is absolutely not a norm for a puppy mill puppy.

These puppies will be able to get used to unfamiliar surroundings a lot quicker and will be able to become a member of another family much easier. These puggles tend to remain with their families forever!

Dog Farm Breeders Verses Responsible Home Breeders

Dog farms breed animals for one purpose and one purpose only, profit. A typical life of a dog that is bred in these conditions is usually waste, solitude, anxiety and agony. The only way a person can profit from this “business” is at the expense of the dog. They must provide the minimum requirements to keep the dog alive and able to breed in order to make a profit.

Where is the humanity? What has happened to compassion? No matter how you spin it, these dogs are being used for the sole purpose of human profit. Those of you who do not actually breed dogs in these conditions, but have chosen to purchase a puppy born in a dog farm are contributing to the cycle of suffering.

How are you contributing? When you see that puppy, you don’t see suffering. You just see a cute little puppy that needs your love. The problem is that puppy’s mother is being abused and suffering from horrible conditions just to create the puppy. When you actually buy a puppy from a puppy mill, you are ensuring more suffering for its mother.

Responsible Breeders are not looking for a profit. There are usually a number of reasons they will breed a puggle. Although they may get a little bit of “extra” money in the process, generally they breed for the satisfaction of bringing a new family member into a family’s life. They are more particular on the parents of the puggles. Genetics plays an important role in a dog’s temperament, as well as the first several weeks of life.

When you get your puppy from a responsible breeder, you can be sure that this is the best way possible to end up with a healthy puppy that will grow into a loyal, happy and healthy dog that will become a part of the family, rather than an outsider looking in.

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