5 Reasons to Use Raised Dog Bowls

Raised dog bowls are great invention. Like many other areas of having a large dog, here’s something they need specially designed for them. Here are 5 reasons why raised dog bowls are so good for big dogs and their owners.

1. It’s more comfortable

Have you ever seen your dog lie down in front of the bowl to eat? When a food or water bowl is at their normal head height, it’s easier for them to swallow. Can you imagine having to drink with your head bent down all the time? Being at the same height with the bowl is simply more comfortable for your buddy. Also, large dogs are more likely to get arthritis. For those dogs, the raised feeders are easier on the joints and spine. They stand straighter, which eases the stress on the joints while eating.

2. Reduce air intake

When a dog has to maneuver to get food in its mouth and to swallow, a lot of air gets swallowed alongside the food. Swallowing air along with the food causes dogs to get gas – especially large breeds. We have noticed a significant reduction in our mutt’s special surprises since she started using the elevated bowl. Too much air intake can lead to bloat, a medical problem that many experts and vets say can be reduced by using raised dog feeders. It may not be appropriate for all dogs (such as deep-chested breeds) so consult your vet if you have questions.

3. Make sure your dog has plenty to eat and drink

Having access to clean, fresh water at all times is very important for large canines. Raised dog bowls have large bowls. This means your dog has plenty of water at all times, even if you’re at work all day.

4. Convenient for you

It can be hard on a human’s back to be bending over to fill your dog’s bowl daily. With a raised dog feeder, you can fill the bowl without doing as much bending. It saves Fido’s back, and yours.

5. Reduce mess

If your dog is one that leaves a trail like a hurricane behind him after he eats, a raised dog feeder might help. Because the food is at your dog’s natural height, he doesn’t have to move around so much as he eats. When he eats just above his bowl most of the crumbs fall right back into the bowl. Same with a large raised water bowl – larger bowls catch more of the drool. Your floors will have a lot less soggy food crumbs this way.

Overall, an adjustable raised dog bowl is a great tool for large dog owners. It is both safer for the dog and more convenient for you, the owner.

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