Dog Training for Newbies – Tips and Advices in Dog Training for Beginners

Owning a dog is a decision that should be thought over and over again. Your responsibilities don’t end with just feeding them, taking them for a walk, or having them looked at by a vet. You should also make it feel loved and be a part of the family. And like kids who receive teachings in good manners and education, dogs should also undergo training. This is one of the reasons why many prospective dog owners hesitate, because they are afraid that they won’t for a good job of training their dogs.

Well here are advices and tips that can help as guide for dog training for Newbies.

For starters, teach your dog the simplest and the most basic commands first. This way, you can develop a bond and let the dog learn how to receive commands and follow them. As you progress, your dog will be able to associate obeying a command with a sense of pride and achievement, not to mention the treats he gets when he is rewarded for being obedient. Start out with the simple commands like sit, stay, sleep, stop, or down.

Next stop is the crate training. Crate training is essential as this would give them an idea of where to eliminate their wastes and to respect areas of the home. Plus, if a dog learns to stay on the crate, you will be able to transport the dog easily from one place to another without any struggles. Learning to stay in a crate also allows them to have a place which they can call their own when they need to rest.

Simultaneously, a dog should be house trained or potty trained. This is essential if you want your home to stay clean and smell clean as well. This should be repeatedly done until the dog gets it. You should be totally committed to this task until you achieve your goals so that the dog would understand how important it is that they don’t do their waste disposal inside the house.

Next, teach your dog not to bite. Curbing the natural instincts of the dog to bite can be difficult, especially in puppies which are growing teeth. If your dog starts to bite, reprimanded it, especially if it is biting you or your furniture and belongings. Don’t hurt it, but rather, reprimanded it firmly without shouting. Be consistent and always keep an eye on the dog.

Curb your dogs barking. Barking is the basic method as to which a dog communicates. But if it is excessive, it can get very annoying and can disturb your neighbors as well. Learning the cause of their barking is the first step. That’s why it is important to learn how a dog communicates, like understanding their body posture, and their faces. Let the dog know that you are annoyed with his or barking, and reward it only if they have learned to stop barking for a period of time.

Remember, there is really no easy way in training a dog, but with these easy steps to follow you will be on your way in learning effective dog training Newbies.

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